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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Baltimore VA Medical Center

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Baltimore VA Medical Center

The Baltimore VA Medical Center is one of the designated sites selected by the VA Office of Rural Health (ORH) to support Veterans living in rural areas that suffer from two different types of Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Primary Progressive MS and Relapsing Remitting MS. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that interferes with the brain’s ability to perform routine motor functions and can be extremely disabling. The patient’s ability to travel varies based on the type of MS diagnosis and the severity of their condition. As a result, Govsphere’s VITAL Telehealth platform serves a critical role in facilitating service delivery to MS Veterans by extending the reach of the clinicians at the Baltimore VA Medical Center facility into the Veteran’s home.

In support of the MS CVT program, Govsphere delivered VITAL Telehealth tablets, software, and Microsoft Kinect sensor hardware in conjunction with its comprehensive Telerehabilitation program. In addition, Govsphere provides ongoing Tier 2 technical support to VA ORH technical support staff and the Veterans that they serve. Furthermore, Govsphere has customized and tailored its VITAL Telehealth platform to support the specific needs and requirements of the VA’s MS Veteran population. As a result, through our collaboration with the VA Office of Rural Health and the Baltimore VA Medical Center, Govsphere has support expanded Veteran access to care while providing the technical capabilities to allow VA staff and personnel to design, develop, monitor, and maintain customized Tele-rehabilitation programs for the rural MS Veterans enrolled in its program.

The VITAL Telehealth platform connects VA clinicians and their patients living in rural areas that are not in close proximity to a VA facility. This capability enables patients to receive care in their communities and avoid long travel times. In addition, given the shortage of some medical specialties in rural America, VITAL Telehealth plays an important role in ensuring patients in rural communities can access the care they need. Prior to the VITAL Telehealth platform, the Baltimore VA had to refer rural patients with MS to other care providers since the Baltimore VA did not have the capabilities to care for those patients. However, with VITAL Telehealth, the Baltimore VA is able to leverage the platform to connect the patient with a specialist at a remote site instead of asking the patient to travel to another community to obtain care. As a result, the Baltimore VA Medical Center is able to serve an expanded rural Veteran MS population using the VITAL Telehealth platform.

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