Friday, August 28, 2015
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Govsphere launched it’s Virtual Interactive Telehealth Application Link (VITAL) in May 2012. The highly scalable and secure collaboration platform was designed to support non-proprietary, industry-standard medical devices. Ultimately, the system will expand accessibility to health care practitioners while lowering service delivery costs. Govsphere designed VITAL with a “patient-driven” health care experience in mind. The system allows health care practitioners to deliver a full range of services from any remote location, lending flexibility in customization according to patient needs.

The VITAL platform includes three components: VITAL Web, VITAL Home, and VITAL Mobile


VITAL Web was built on a flexible, scalable, and secure platform, combining interactive communications with industry-standard medical devices. The integration of USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless connections creates a customized “Virtual Patient Room,” based on both the patient’s health condition and devices used for treatment. Additionally, the system boosts interoperability with electronic medical records (EMRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), medical imaging, and e-Prescription systems.

Govsphere recognizes the necessity for collaboration in the health-care industry. VITAL Web exceeds these needs through its ability to support up to 20 simultaneous, high-definition (HD) video conferencing streams that allow doctors, nurses, specialists, patients, and family members to communicate in real-time. Complimenting the video conferencing streams is a Virtual Whiteboard equipped with a high resolution image viewer that displays medical images, patient health records, and prescription information.

VITAL Web, a flexible, robust, and role-driven security model that meets HIPAA privacy and security requirements will unquestionably expand access to Health Care around the globe.  


VITAL Home was designed with the intention of giving patients the freedom to enjoy life at home while meeting their healthcare needs. The modular, platform-independent telehealth solution that combines interactive web-based communications with industry standard medical devices has both enhanced and surpassed the delivery of health care services to the home.  The customized “Virtual Patient Room,” produced by the VITAL technology, creates an individualized atmosphere where patients can confidently and comfortably check their own vital signs, maintain electronic health information, and interact with doctors, nurses, and family members in real-time. Additionally, providers and patients have the option to connect their own industry-standard medical devices to VITAL, creating an even more user-friendly experience.

VITAL Home expands on its solution to individualize healthcare in the home through unique, key features. Producers and patients enjoy an interactive multi-touch tablet computer with an intuitive menu and customizable user interface, complimented by multi-user, high-definition (HD) video conferencing. These key features allow doctors, nurses, specialists, patients, and family members to access Virtual Patient Rooms for medical consultations with ease. Accompanying the multi-touch tablet computer is a Virtual Whiteboard with a high resolution image viewer that displays medical images, electronic health records, and prescription information. Furthermore, an integrated, real-time secure chat, instant messaging, alerts, and email-notifications with historical records of all conversations promotes constant collaboration between all participating parties.   

VITAL Mobile

VITAL Mobile, a flexible, secure, and platform-independent solution, was developed to conveniently meet the needs of today’s mobile health care professional wherever, whenever. A simple user interface establishes a virtual communication link between providers and their patients and is equipped with an interactive video conferencing link that enhances its ability to supply direct mobile communication. Additionally, VITAL Mobile provides real-time mobile access to critical patient health information.

While VITAL Mobile is designed to support mobile devices using iOS, Andriod, and Windows operating systems, it features a real-time secure chat and instant messaging that is supported in low bandwidth environments with limited connectivity. The system is also fully equipped with SMS text messaging, emergency alert, and integrated e-mail notification capabilities. A counterpart of the Virtual Interactive Telehealth Link, VITAL Mobile is truly a device made to work specifically for you. 

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