Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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Govsphere launches VITAL Telehealth platform

Innovative, highly scalable, and secure collaboration platform supports non-proprietary, industry-standard medical devices that will expand accessibility to health care practitioners while lowering service delivery costs.

Govsphere Inc. announced at the American Telemedicine Association’s 2012 conference that it has launched its Virtual Interactive Telehealth Application Link (VITAL) platform. Govsphere VITAL is a next-generation, device-independent platform that allows health care practitioners to deliver a full range of telehealth services from any remote location while providing a “patient-driven” health care experience. The VITAL platform includes three components: VITAL Web, VITAL Home, and VITAL Mobile.

VITAL Web is a real-time collaboration platform that enables health care practitioners to extend into the cloud and deliver quality health care services to patients around the globe. Built on a flexible, scalable, and secure platform, VITAL Web combines interactive communications with industry-standard medical devices using USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless connections to create a customized “Virtual Patient Room” based on the patient’s health condition. VITAL Web empowers health care providers to deliver a unique, interactive and virtual health care experience for each patient.

VITAL Home is a modular, platform-independent Telehealth tablet device that combines interactive, web-based communications with industry standard medical devices to enhance the delivery of health care services to the home. With a simple, touch-screen user interface, VITAL Home allows patients to monitor their own vital signs, share electronic health information, and interact with doctors, nurses, and family members in “real-time.” VITAL Home gives patients the freedom to enjoy life and peace of mind knowing that quality health care monitoring services are always available in the safety of their own home.

VITAL Mobile addresses the needs of today's mobile health care professional. With a simple and intuitive user interface, VITAL Mobile establishes a virtual communication link between providers and their patients and supports “real-time” communications in low-bandwidth environments. As a flexible, secure, and platform-independent solution, VITAL Mobile is designed to work on smartphones running the iOS, Android, or Windows mobile operating systems.

“Govsphere VITAL is a natural extension of the successful information sharing and collaboration systems that our people have tailored to meet the mission-critical requirements of numerous U.S. Federal government agencies,” said George Mazevski, President and CEO of Govsphere. “By leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience developing solutions for clients that include the United States Department of Defense, the National Guard, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Govsphere is excited to adapt our innovative information sharing and collaboration capabilities to tackle one of the foremost economic challenges that we are facing today – the rising cost of health care.”

Govsphere VITAL is the only next-generation Telehealth platform available today that does not use proprietary technologies and leverages open communication protocols to facilitate information sharing across a wide range of industry standard medical devices. Additionally, the Govsphere VITAL security model meets HIPAA privacy and security compliance standards and protects the integrity of patient information while providing secure communications channels for voice, video, and data.

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