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Govsphere awarded GSA Schedule 70 contract to provide IT Services

Syracuse, New York (December 14, 2011). Govsphere, Inc. today announced that the Firm has been awarded the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 contract #GS-35F-0593X. The GSA Schedule 70 contract provides government agencies with a streamlined vehicle to purchase IT products and services from commercial firms that are capable of addressing the growing information technology needs and requirements of U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies. With over $16.2 billion in total sales in Fiscal Year 2010, the IT Schedule 70 is the largest GSA procurement vehicle and serves as the government’s “one-stop shop” for virtually any information technology equipment, software, or services requirement across 23 Special Item Numbers.

“Govsphere currently provides information sharing and collaboration solutions to numerous government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Guard, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation”, said George Mazevski, President and CEO of Govsphere. “This five-year GSA schedule award will allow Govsphere and its alliance partners to expand our growing IT services portfolio to new customers while providing government agencies with streamlined access to our Firm’s services. The GSA Schedule 70 award represents a significant milestone for Govsphere and will serve as a catalyst as we continue to expand operations and accelerate our Firm’s growth in 2012 and beyond.”

The GSA Schedule 70 contract will enable Govsphere to efficiently market its portfolio of information sharing and collaboration solutions directly to U.S. federal, state, and local government agencies with pre-negotiated terms and pricing agreements that are designed to streamline the procurement process and deliver the best value to government agencies. Govsphere also anticipates expanding the product offerings offered through its schedule to include on-premises, hosted, and cloud-based information sharing solutions as well as geographic information systems (GIS) integration to support geospatial collaboration solutions.  

About Govsphere, Inc.

Govsphere is a management, strategy and technology consulting firm that delivers innovative solutions to meet the complex needs and challenges facing today’s government agencies.  Our services include business process and reengineering analysis, organizational and talent management, strategic and enterprise planning, software development and integration, and program management oversight and support. Visit our website at for additional information about our firm.

About GSA

The General Services Administration is the primary purchaser of goods and services, including information technology, for the United States federal government and military institutions. The GSA ensures that the government acquires quality goods and services according to best management practices and with the goal of efficient and more cost effective government operations. Visit GSA’s website at

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